On the path of legend .. Will Musimani bring back Al-Ahly’s beautiful time?

The period of South African Pitso Mosimane, which began in the last quarter of 2020, reminds some of the era of Portuguese coach Manuel Jose, and comparisons begin between them.


Pitso Mosimane won five titles with Al-Ahly, won the Champions League twice and the African Super Cup twice, embraced the gold of the Egypt Cup once, and won the World Cup bronze twice.

Mosimane’s victories with great results, especially this season, brought to mind Al-Ahly’s victories during the reign of Portuguese Manuel Jose, especially over the major teams.

Al-Ahly defeated Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia (4-0) in the World Cup clubs, and with the same result defeated Al-Ismaili and Al-Maqasa, and with a result (4-1) Smouha and Farko were dropped, and they surpassed Zamalek in the league (5-3).

Sports critic Muhammad Al-Farmawi said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that what Peso Mosimane achieved with Al-Ahly puts him comfortably among the legends of Al-Ahly club, but the continuity for many years and the continuity in controlling the titles locally and continentally is lacking before comparison with Jose.

Al-Farmawi added: “Winning five championships with Al-Ahly does not make you in the same rank as another coach who won 20 titles, but it gives you the opportunity to get close to him if you maintain the same rate and performance.”

Al-Farmawy continued, “Mosimani’s continuation with Al-Ahly will be beneficial to both parties, and will make the possibility of comparison with Jose more realistic after several years if he continues the impressive success with which he began his career in the Red Castle, especially in the African Champions League.”

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The comparison between Musimani and Jose, reached the ears of the coach of the south, to comment in an interview with the media, during his participation in the last Club World Cup in the Emirates, and confirms that he has been working in Al-Ahly for only 15 months.

And Pizzo added: “Jose worked in Al-Ahly for 7 years, but I only started 15 months ago, when I stayed in Al-Ahly for seven years, then you can compare.”

Mosimane talked about the technical differences between his generation and that of Jose, noting that the Portuguese had qualified players such as Mohamed Barakat and Wael Jumaa, while Betso does not have this type of player currently, as he described it.

Muhammad Jaber, a fan of Al-Ahly, who has not missed any match for the Red Castle in Egypt for years, comments: “Manuel Jose has transformed from a foreign coach who came to work in Al-Ahly to a person who belongs with all his senses to Al-Ahly Club, and therefore there is no comparison.”

Jaber concluded his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, saying: “There is a division among the fans about the way Betso plays in many matches. The fate that Jose obtained because of his positions outside the field before inside it, and his great affiliation with the club that he cherishes and talks about so far.”

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