In a specific case, a Russian-Ukrainian agreement on a “possible” ceasefire

The Ukrainian negotiator, who was not named, confirmed the understanding on establishing joint humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians.

The source added that Moscow and Kiev had agreed to hold a third round of talks soon, but the Ukrainian negotiator appeared to be dissatisfied with the results of the talks and said, “We did not get the results we were counting on.”

Russia has described its actions in Ukraine as “special military operations” and says it is not aimed at occupying territory but rather at destroying its southern neighbor’s military capabilities and arresting what it considers dangerous nationalists.

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke in a speech about the presence of mercenaries fighting alongside the Ukrainian forces, using civilians as human shields, and placing heavy weapons in the middle of cities and towns, in a terrorist manner.

Putin stressed that “the Russians and the Ukrainians are one people, even if part of the Ukrainian people has been subjected to misleading propaganda, and this indicates our right to this war,” he said.

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