What does Ukraine’s request to join the European Union mean?

8 countries (from Eastern Europe and the Baltics) sent an Open Letter to the European Union; To enable Kyiv to obtain membership in the Union by providing it with the utmost support, namely (Estonia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia).

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen declared her support for Ukraine’s accession, as did European Parliament President Roberta Mitsula, who confirmed the parliament’s welcome. While Kyiv is waiting for complicated procedures until the completion of the accession, which is likely to take time, according to the parameters and controls of joining the union.

The Ukrainian president stressed the importance of allowing his country to obtain membership “immediately” under a special procedure; Justifying this, “Kyiv is defending itself in the face of the invasion of Russian forces.”

political signal

In an exclusive statement to “Sky News Arabia”, the Italian political analyst on the “Dicod 39” website, Massimiliano Pocolini, said that Ukraine’s signing of the European Union’s request to join the European Union represents “a political signal from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, directed to Russia, during which he confirms that he is not alone, And that Europe supports him and his government.”

However, he made it clear that the process of joining the European Union is not easy, and often takes a long time, with the long and complex procedures required to join in this regard, and it may take years until the accession process is completed and the various conditions and procedures are met.

But Pocolini says at the same time that “the European Union supports Kyiv even before accession, by financing the government and sending weapons, and other areas of support and assistance in the field of defense, as well as humanitarian affairs and many areas in light of the ongoing war.”

History day

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Olga Stevanishina, described the signing of the accession application as a “historic day for Ukraine”, considering that her country deserves this step in light of what it offers.

The Ukrainian official said: “(..) We struggle to maintain a peaceful and free Europe, where every country has a sovereign right to decide its own future, and where international law and human rights apply… We are already part of the European family, and it’s time to start the application process.

She stressed that “the Ukrainians show incredible resilience, determination and courage in the face of aggression. The whole world admires the courage of our soldiers who raise our heads to the sky, to defend a free, democratic and independent Ukraine.”

“Together with the membership application to Brussels, we are sending a joint statement urging the European Union to immediately begin a formal process leading to Ukraine’s formal award of EU candidate status,” she said on her Facebook page.

Media reports quoted an EU official as saying that the request might be discussed at an informal summit on March 10-11.


For her part, the director of the Center for a New Europe (a think tank specializing in foreign policy and security based in Kyiv) stated that the signing of the application to join the union is a “truly historic day.”

“No European country has paid such a high price for the right to apply for EU membership,” she said on Twitter. “We are reprogramming from “Ukraine is Europe” to “Ukraine is the European Union”, referring to the great geopolitical importance of Ukraine to the Union European in particular.

In the first Russian comment on the Ukrainian request, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that the EU is not a military-political bloc, and therefore Moscow does not see that the matter falls within the framework of his country’s strategic security issues, unlike the case with NATO.

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