The “fireball” is rolling quickly.. suspicious military moves by Belarus

Lukashenko said during a meeting of the Belarusian Security Council that military helicopters and aircraft are deployed in Gomel, Baranovichi and Lunentes currently ensuring the security of these borders between the two former Soviet republics.

He added that he had ordered the deployment of “five tactical battalions to protect” this southern border. These groups usually consist of hundreds of soldiers, and are equipped with armor and artillery.

Lukashenko, 67, a Moscow ally who has ruled Belarus with an iron fist since 1994, confirmed that his country would not participate in the attack on Ukraine, saying: “This is not our mission.”

The Belarusian president also ordered the deployment of additional forces on the border with Poland to the west to protect Belarus from any possible NATO attack.

He said: “It is not permissible under any circumstances to allow the Atlantic forces to invade Belarusian territory, or to conduct the slightest operation on our territory.”

He said he had asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for an additional order of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft systems for installation on Belarus’ western borders.

Russia warned Kyiv residents to flee their homes on Tuesday and rained missiles on Kharkiv, while Russian leaders who failed to achieve a quick victory changed tactics to intensify the bombing of Ukrainian cities.

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