Yemeni forces inflict heavy losses on Houthi militias

Yemen (news now) – 02/28/2022. 04:00

Al-Houthi..a retreat amid the advance of the Yemeni forces

  • The artillery of the government forces managed to destroy a vehicle and two crews belonging to the Houthi coup militia
  • Battles in the air defense fronts and the forty, resulted in the fall of a number of Houthis
  • Renewed confrontations between the army forces and the popular resistance on the one hand and the Houthi militia in Al-Jawf

On Sunday, more than 25 Houthis were killed and wounded, during battles with government forces in the Al-Arbaeen front, north of the city Taiz.

A military source reported that more than 25 militia members were killed and wounded Houthi Terrorists, including field leaders, are engaged in violent battles.

The source said that the artillery of the government forces managed to destroy a vehicle and two crews belonging to the coup militia.

Violent confrontations took place, following the failure of an infiltration attempt by Houthi terrorists on the Air Defense and Al-Arbaeen fronts, north of the city, and the ongoing battles resulted in a number of Houthi deaths and injuries.

The militia had intensified its bombardment with a number of shells, targeting the villages of the Maqbna District, and residential neighborhoods in the city center, wounding three civilians and damaging buildings and property.

In Al-Jawf Governorate, clashes renewed between the army and the Popular Resistance on the one hand, and the Iranian-backed terrorist militia on the other, on the northern fronts.

According to a field military source, confrontations raged between the two sides, in which various types of weapons were used on the Qadhami front, north of the al-Yatama area.

In conjunction with these confrontations, the fighters of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen carried out a series of raids targeting militia positions, movements and reinforcements in the same area.

In the context, the media center of the Yemeni army said that “the artillery of their units destroyed the gatherings and vehicles of the Houthis north of Al-Jawf, causing them losses in equipment and lives.”

These confrontations come after weeks of cautious calm on the various fronts in Al-Jawf Governorate.

In the Marib Governorate, bordering Al-Jawf from the southern side, the government forces managed to thwart an attack by the Houthi militia on the southern front.

A military source stated that the government forces repelled a violent Houthi attack on the “Ma’la” and “Umm Reish” fronts in the Harib district.

The source explained that during the attack, the militia tried to restore some of the sites it had lost in the recent period, but it received a major defeat.

The militia continues to push its full weight on many fronts in unsuccessful attempts to regain previously lost positions, often ending in heavy material and human losses.

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