"ukraine refugees, white and christian"Racism exposes foreign journalists

Ukraine (news now) – 02/28/2022. 11:50

Foreign journalists are banned from covering the refugee crisis in Ukraine

Comments by foreign correspondents regarding the situation in Ukraine have sparked sharp criticism on social networks, for what some of them contained of abuse and racism.

The US CBS correspondent apologized after he said during his live coverage of the developments of the Russian invasion from Kyiv that the attack on Ukraine could not be compared to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because the former is more “civilized”.

He said Ukraine “is not a place, with all due respect, like Iraq or Afghanistan, which has seen raging conflict for decades.”

“Ukraine is relatively civil, relatively European, and I have to choose these words carefully as well, where you don’t expect that to happen or hope it doesn’t,” he said.

And his comments quickly spread on social media, as some considered them “racist” and “inaccurate”.

Following these criticisms, the reporter expressed his regret after appearing again on the air from Kyiv, and said: “I spoke in a way that I am sorry for, and that’s why I’m sorry,” explaining that he was trying to convey the idea that Ukraine had not experienced “this scale of conflict” over the years. The latter, unlike other conflicts that have plagued other regions for many years.

For her part, NBC correspondent Kelly Kobyla also said in a controversial comment in response to a question about the situation of Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries: “Quite frankly, these are not refugees from Syria, these are refugees from neighboring Ukraine, these are Christians, They are white, they are very similar to the people who live in Poland.”

It is worth noting that about 100,000 Ukrainians have fled their homes to neighboring countries, especially Poland, Hungary and Romania, according to the UNHCR United nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

And the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reported on Friday that more than 50,000 Ukrainians have fled in less than 48 hours since the start of the Russian invasion.

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