A famous Ukrainian artist’s paintings burned in a Russian attack near Kyiv

Maria Primachenko, who left our world in 1997, is one of the most famous creators of folk art in Ukraine. Many of her works formed a cry in the face of the war that she suffered during long periods of her life, and blew up her creative energies in painting. the scientist.

And the war returned in 2022 to pursue Primachenko even after her death, to devour part of her works, according to officials and activists from Kyiv, who spoke about the burning of a museum containing a number of her paintings.

A journalist interested in cultural affairs, Oleg Vergilis from Kyiv, said in his Facebook post that Primachenko’s paintings “burned after an enemy attack on a museum in the town of Ivankiv, Kyiv region.”“.

He added that the museum had kept unique paintings by the famous Ukrainian artist, and “this crime was reported by those concerned in the Kyiv region.”

The journalist reported that the aforementioned museum kept about 400 paintings, which is the total number of works displayed there.

The Ukrainian Institute (a public institution representing Ukrainian culture internationally), said in a statement, Monday, that “as a result of the Russian invasion, about 25 works of the artist Maria Primachenko were burned, which were in the Museum of Local History in Ivankiv, in which a fire broke out during the attack of the occupiers.”“.

The institute added: “Please help Ukraine by stopping any cultural cooperation with the Russian Federation. We have the strength to stop bloodshed and war. Let us unite our efforts and end Russia’s war on freedom, democratic values, truth and the entire civilized world.”“.

Ukrainian blogger Ustina Stefanchuk commented on the burning of Primachenko’s paintings, saying: “I hope that war will be cursed. We must remember that Russia is destroying not only lives in Ukraine, but also Ukrainian cultural heritage, which is part of the world heritage.”“.

Primachenko lived almost all her life in a village in the Kyiv region, while her paintings traveled the world.

She has painted over a thousand paintings, exhibited in Canada, France, Japan, China, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Finland and the United States, and her work continues to inspire contemporary painters, sculptors and designers inside and outside Ukraine.

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