With a Ukrainian confession, the Russian army in Kharkiv

Adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, Anton Herashchenko, said in a message on the “Telegram” application that Russian military vehicles were seen in the streets of Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine, on Sunday.

Video clips broadcast by Hirashchenko and the Special Communications and Information Protection Service of Ukraine showed several light military vehicles moving along a street and a separately burned tank.

The city was under a fierce Russian attack in recent days, and Kiev admitted that the situation there, on Saturday, was among the most difficult in the country.

Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second most populous city, about 50 km from the border with Russia.

The importance of the city stems from being an industrial center, where machines are manufactured, and is also a center for the Ukrainian military industries.

It is located at the confluence of three rivers.

This city was one of the most prominent strongholds of the protests that led to the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014.

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