Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry: Putin did not expect Kiev’s steadfastness, and fears of nuclear

At a press conference, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said, “We are in pain and bleeding, but we are steadfast.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stressed that his country will not yield to Russian pressure in the negotiations.

In a military update, Kuleba said that Russia controls the Chernobyl plant, and advances its army in southern Ukraine, in the northeast and in the north, but so far the Russians do not control any major city.

And the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said: “If Putin uses nuclear weapons against Ukraine, it will be a disaster for the world.”

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister indicated that the Russians lost more than 4,000 soldiers in the war, while the Ukrainian forces destroyed many Russian military vehicles.

Kuleba demanded the implementation of an embargo on Russia’s oil and gas, as well as isolating Russia financially and economically, and removing it from the Swift system as quickly as possible.

“We will not forget the help of those who provided weapons to Ukraine to defend itself,” Kuleba said. “We need weapons to defend ourselves. We need anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles and various types of weapons.”

Kuleba stressed that Russia’s goal is to destroy Ukraine as a state and a nation, noting that Ukraine will not fall and “we are determined to fight hard.”

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