Tragedy inside a well… The story of a baby that shook the feelings of Jordanians

A Jordanian official said that a girl, about one and a half months old, was found inside an old well in one of the areas of the Taybeh district, west of the city of Irbid..

In the details, one of the citizens, while hiking with his family in the town of Mandah, heard a crying sound, and when he went to the source of the sound to verify its nature, it was found that there was a girl left inside an abandoned water well 5 meters deep..

Immediately, the Jordanian citizen informed the security authorities.

Civil Defense and Public Security teams rushed to the place, where they managed to get the girl out of the well.

The girl was rescued and taken to hospital, where her condition was described as good.

Later, municipality cadres filled the well with dirt, and the security authorities said they had opened an investigation into the incident.

It is noteworthy that a number of women are trying to get rid of their children who were born as a result of an illegal relationship, as passers-by find them in the streets or in front of mosques, and the Jordanian official authorities give them the name “of unknown parentage” and they are cared for in specialized institutions..

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