Egypt..a plan to import wheat from countries other than Russia and Ukraine

Saad said that Egypt has 14 countries approved for importing wheat, some of which are outside the European continent.

Russia and Ukraine are usually the largest exporters of wheat to Egypt, as the proportion of Russian imports amounted to about 50 percent, while the Ukrainian accounted for 30 percent of Egypt’s total wheat imports in 2021, according to data from two dealers in the region.

Saad added that Egypt has a strategic stock of wheat approaching five million tons in silos or mills, and local wheat will join them starting from April 15, to suffice the stock for nine months.

Saad said in a telephone interview to one of the Egyptian private channels that the Central Bank and the government are working to secure the Egyptian needs, according to what was reported by the official agency.

And he expressed his hope that the Russian-Ukrainian crisis would not extend for a long time so that “we do not press hard on the budget.”

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