Ukrainian reports: the destruction of a convoy of Russian forces… and the downing of a plane

Ukrainian reports, citing the military, indicated that two vehicles, two trucks with tanks and another tank were neutralized near the Brest station on the left bank of the capital, Kiev.

Ukrainian forces are engaged in fierce battles with Russian forces in the vicinity of the capital, Kiev, which Moscow is trying to seize quickly.

The Ukrainian forces had announced earlier that they had repelled a Russian attack near the capital, Kiev.

Ukraine’s Interfax news agency reported that Russian soldiers were trying to seize one of the city’s power plants.

And Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned, on Friday night, that Russian forces would try tonight to seize Kiev, where fierce battles are taking place.

“I must say it quite frankly: Tonight will be more difficult than it was today. Many of the cities of our country are under attack,” he said in a video message published on the presidential website.

He added: “A special interest in Kiev. We cannot lose the capital.”

In a related context, the Russian Navy announced that it had managed to shoot down a Russian unmanned aircraft.

It stated that the Russian plane targeted a Ukrainian border guard ship, last night, but was shot down by Ukrainian forces near Chornomorsk, in the Odessa Oblast.

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