Ukrainian President: We have confronted the enemy… and whoever wants to help, we will arm him

“We have withstood and succeeded in repelling the enemy’s attacks,” Zelensky said in a video clip on Facebook. “Fighting continues in many towns and regions of the country, but it is our army that controls Kiev and the main cities throughout the capital.”

“Every friend of Ukraine wants to join Ukraine to defend the country, please come, we will give you weapons,” Zelensky said in the video.

He also called on Ukrainians who fled the country’s borders, to “return” to help defend the state.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday called on Germany and Hungary to “show courage” and support Russia’s exclusion from the Swift banking system to punish Moscow for invading his country.

“We already have almost complete support from EU countries to separate Russia from Swift. I hope Germany and Hungary will have the courage to support this decision. We have the courage to defend our homeland and defend Europe,” Zelensky added.

Zelensky’s speech in the video comes after his first video, Saturday, from the streets of Kiev, in a message to respond to allegations that he accepted an American offer of evacuation.

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