Russia launches ‘terrifying missile’ on Ukraine

The Ukrainian military said that areas near Poltava, Maripol and other coastal areas were hit by Kalibr missiles launched from the Black Sea, according to “Reuters”.

And “Caliber” is a winged missile that is launched from ships, and it can hit targets at a distance of 1500-2500 kilometers, and fly at the same speed as aircraft (about 900 kilometers per hour).

Russia used this type of missile during its military intervention in Syria, which began in 2015.

It is considered the most deadly weapon of the Russian army, due to its high destructive capacity, as it carries a warhead weighing half a ton of explosives.

Battles on the coast

An adviser in the Ukrainian president’s office said on Saturday that fighting was taking place near Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odessa, coastal regions of southern Ukraine.

Counselor Mikhailo Podolyak added in a press briefing that “heavy fighting is taking place near Mariupol… but there is no possibility of Mariupol surrendering or falling.”

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