Biden: This sign shows Putin’s fatal “miscalculation”

“Not only is NATO more united, but look at what is happening with respect to Finland, look at what is happening with respect to Sweden, look at what is happening in other countries,” Biden said in an interview Friday with social media influencer Brian Teller. I mean he (Putin) is causing the exact opposite effect of what he intended.”

“All I know is that we have to continue down this path with the rest of our allies,” Biden said.

Russia said that the possible acceptance of Sweden and Finland in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization “NATO” will call for a firm response from Moscow, which analysts considered “a threat that further complicates matters, and may push the two countries to join for fear of the fate of Ukraine, which is an opportunity and a gain for the alliance.”

The possibility of the two Scandinavian countries joining NATO worries Moscow, which, through its Foreign Ministry, expressed its concern about this matter, speaking of dire consequences, given that the two countries are “Moscow’s backyard.”

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