“Alarm bell” before getting cancer.. immediately go to the doctor

There are more than 200 types of cancer diseases that affect different areas of the human body, and then develop disorders of varying severity.

This disease occurs when abnormal cells grow and multiply uncontrollably, then spread to other areas of the body.

These cells invade and destroy the body’s normal tissue, and in the process, disease spreads and debilitates health, according to the Daily Record.

In Britain, for example, the Public Health Authority says that this disease affects many, indicating that one out of every two will develop this disease at some stage in his life.

Cancer is accompanied by several symptoms, and researchers warn of the most common symptoms, which should not be overlooked at all.

Among those symptoms are; Sweating heavily at night, then losing appetite, feeling tired and losing weight, inexplicably, in addition to feeling unexplained pain and itching, in addition to unusual swelling and swelling in areas of the body.

There may also be several changes in the skin, such as the emergence of what is known as “moles” or a change in them, in addition to the lack of healing of an ulcer on the skin.

Symptoms may also occur through changes in the nails and skin, and here it is necessary to go to a doctor for examination and consultation.

It is also possible for symptoms to creep through changes in breathing and voice, such as hoarseness or cough that does not abate in intensity and lasts for a long time, in addition to weak breathing and persistence of ulcers in the mouth for a long period exceeding three weeks, and coughing accompanied by blood.

The list of symptoms of cancer includes the inability to swallow food easily, but the occurrence of these symptoms may warn of other diseases, and is not a sure evidence of the presence of a cancerous tumor.

Symptoms include prolonged suffering from ulcers and digestive disorders, as well as bloating.

In the case of breast cancer, symptoms occur when there is an unusual change in the size, shape, or feel of the breast, whether in the nipple or on the skin.

In the digestive system, symptoms of cancer occur through constipation or a change in the frequency of defecation, or noticing blood when urinating, as well as observing incomprehensible bleeding in the female reproductive system.

Blood may also appear during the urination process, and this symptom should not be neglected at all.

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