From the embassy.. New instructions for Egyptians in Ukraine

The Egyptian embassy in Kiev said that “for Egyptian citizens who are in Kharkov and eastern cities, the obligation to stay in homes or hideouts continues, as a safe path is being negotiated for their exit.”

“For Egyptian citizens in western cities who have the ability to go to the Polish borders, the Polish authorities allow entry to all nationalities and grant them a 15-day visa to return to the homeland,” she added.

Immediately after Russia announced its military operation, a number of Egyptians, especially students, who are in Ukraine, appealed and distressed via social media, calling on the authorities to evacuate them due to the dangers that surround them.

An official source at the Egyptian embassy in Kiev told “Sky News Arabia” that the embassy’s employees are receiving calls from Egyptians to help them get out, pointing out that the embassy is following up on their conditions and informing them of the latest developments and ways to deal with them.

He explained that the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all the competent authorities are working on this file to preserve the lives of Egyptians in Ukraine, adding: “Residents are informed of all new instructions as soon as they are received from Cairo.”

It should be noted that the Egyptian Embassy in Kiev issued a circular asking the Egyptians in Ukraine not to obtain any information except through its official pages, noting that there are other unknown pages that promote false information.

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