Cairo calls on Egyptians in Ukraine to go to 8 border points

The Egyptian Embassy in the Romanian capital Bucharest, which is also represented by the State of Moldova, said: “With reference to the developments on the ground in Ukraine, we inform the Egyptian community in Ukraine that the Romanian authorities will organize gathering camps for those coming from Ukraine, at the border points with Ukraine.”

The Egyptian embassy in Bucharest indicated that the Romanian authorities have identified 4 border points for entry to those coming from Ukraine, and demanded that Egyptians in Ukraine provide them or the Egyptian Embassy in Kiev with their data, whereabouts and the border point to which they will go to facilitate the task of their transfer.

And the embassy said that: “With regard to the precautionary measures related to the Corona epidemic, the Romanian authorities issued a decision on Friday to exempt those coming by land from Ukraine to Romania from quarantine for a period of 15 days, and accordingly, they can enter Romanian territory without being bound by the usual procedures in this regard.”

It should be noted that the Romanian authorities usually require the submission of EU digital certificates, or paper or electronic proof that they have received vaccination, infection with the virus and recovered from it during the previous 180 days, or submitting a recent negative PCR test, that is, within 72 hours before Access”.

According to the Nasrid authorities, “the Romanian authorities reported the possibility of granting temporary entry visas for a period of 15 days at certain entry points, the holder of which can move within Romania and book hotels, public transportation, aviation, etc.”

The Romanian authorities also reported continuing to grant temporary entry visas from their consulate offices in Seronte, Ukraine, near the border with Romania (for those in Ukraine) and from their consulates in Chisinau, Cahul or Baltsi in Moldova (for those coming from Moldova).

The Egyptian Embassy in Bucharest clarified that: “The authorities in Moldova have also set two entry points on its borders to receive arrivals from Ukraine, and the airspace of Moldova is closed until further notice, and that the Moldovan authorities will allow entry to people from Ukraine only if they hold an entry visa for Moldova or Entry visa for Romania (in which case they will be granted a transit visa).”

As for those coming from Ukraine who do not have the aforementioned entry visas, according to the Egyptian Embassy in Bucharest, “they will be hosted in gathering centers to provide them with protection until further notice.”

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian embassy in Kiev called on the Egyptians in Ukraine on Friday morning to head to the Romanian borders for those who are in safe areas, and for those who are in areas close to the battles, it asked them to stay in homes or hideouts until negotiating a safe way to evacuate them.

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