Trending Live | Putin caused a global crisis

Trending Live 02/24/2022 20:18

Russian invasion for Ukraine

On the ground, Russia has launched a large-scale military operation in Ukraine through land and sea attacks and air raids. Ukraine says that Russian military vehicles entered its territory from several directions, including semi-autonomous Russian military vehicles. Crimeaand from Belarus to the north.

Cruise and ballistic missiles hit military headquarters and airports, including Kiev International Airport and Ivano-Frankivsk Airport, in the west of the country.

Politically, Biden condemned what he described as an “unjustified attack” by Russia in Ukraine after his Russian counterpart announced a “military operation” in defense of separatists loyal to Moscow in its east, while French President Emmanuel Macron pledged Thursday in a recorded speech delivered from the Elysee Palace that his country and its allies would impose Sanctions on Russia are “at the level of the offensive” and will target Moscow “on the military, economic and energy levels.”

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