Testimonies from the heart of Ukraine.. queues for fuel and bread everywhere

In the capital, Kiev, queues of cars extended in front of gas stations, as well as queues of residents in front of food shopping centers in various Ukrainian cities and towns, in a scene that summarizes the destruction, devastation and high prices that wars usually carry, primarily affecting civilians.

The residents here fear the deterioration of the situation and the occurrence of severe shortages of goods, medicines, food and medical supplies, and the disruption of their supplies.

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Tunisian master’s student Safaa, who lives in the city of Dnipro, which has a population of more than one million and is located in eastern central Ukraine, told Sky News Arabia that the city in which she lives has been bombed three times since the morning.

Safaa added, “The authorities asked us to stock up on food and drink and to stay at home, and the city in general looks like a ghost town where only supermarkets are open, while cafes, restaurants and banks are closed, although queues of people stand in front of it to withdraw their money, but to no avail, they are closed.”

And she continued, “Goods and foodstuffs are available, but there are large storage operations for them by the people, as there is a fear that they will run out or be scarce, and I am now heading to the supermarket to shop for what I need, as the streets are almost empty and frighteningly.”

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For his part, Wael Al-Alami, a researcher and analyst specializing in Ukrainian affairs, who resides in the capital, Kiev, told Sky News Arabia: “The prices of goods have not changed much, at least until now. The war has just begun. And I noticed that people are more interested in shopping and shopping than usual.”

He added, “But she (his wife) assured me, though, that there is no stampede or big crowding, and this is probably because the neighborhood in which we live is not overcrowded like others, and so far it can be said that there is no exploitation of conditions to raise prices and there is no shortage of materials.”

Al-Alami adds: “There is a great state of panic and great fear among the people in Ukraine. We are talking about a real and wide war and they fear the worst. For example, I am now looking out the window of the house, where Ukrainian citizens appear as they are traveling in a hurry, carrying their bags, and it seems clear that there are A large movement of displacement from the capital towards other areas that may be safe.”

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As for the Tunisian university engineering student, Wassim, who resides in the Kharkiv border region with Russia, he says in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “I live specifically in the city of Serbinia in the Kharkov region, where the war began at approximately four o’clock in the morning.”

Wassmi explains: “I was sleeping and woke up to the sounds of shells and the screaming and wailing of neighbors, and in the early morning hours, at about eight, I went out to the street, where fear among the people prevailed, and a state of anxiety and terror prevailed among them, while the authorities called on citizens to stay in their homes.”

And he continues: “Everything has doubled in price here, especially food items and commodities. For example, yesterday I bought a kilo of tomatoes for $4, but now with the start of the war, prices will rise even more and, unfortunately, crazy.”

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