Russia reveals the outcome of the “targets” it destroyed in Ukraine

“After the strikes of the Russian armed forces, 74 ground military installations of Ukraine’s military infrastructure are out of service,” said a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, General Igor Konashenkov.

“This includes 11 airstrips for the Ukrainian Air Force,” he added, according to AFP.

For his part, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg condemned the “reckless and unjustified Russian attack” on Ukraine, calling on it to “immediately withdraw” from Ukraine, explaining that there are military moves by the alliance to “defend its allies.” .

Jens Stoltenberg said, “NATO’s mission is to protect and defend all allies. If there is an attack against one, it will be considered an attack against all.”

He continued, “The NATO Council has decided to implement our defensive plans to defend allies, and this will allow us to deploy capabilities and forces, including the NATO Response Force, where necessary.”

The military plans that have been implemented so far, the Secretary-General of NATO went on: “In response to the large (Russian) military build-up, we are strengthening our collective defense at sea, in the air and on land. In recent weeks the allies from North America and Europe have deployed thousands more troops to the eastern side. We have a lot of people in the reserve.”

He added, “We have more than 100 aircraft on standby, and more than 120 ships at sea, from the North to the Mediterranean, which shows that our defense commitment is resolute… and we continue to do everything necessary to protect the Alliance from any aggression.”

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