“I will die for my country.” Ukraine students from university to war

Kiev (news now) 02/25/2022 02:59

Students of Ukraine face the reality of war after the Russian invasion

Undergraduate students went in Ukraine Wednesday evening, the twenty-third of February 2022 to their deceptionsIn the hope that they will wake up in the morning to go to their universities and continue their educational path, but the early hours of Thursday dawn carried news that will change their lives completely..

Ukraine and the whole world woke up to the sound of explosions Russian bombingThe sounds of bombs rose in the capital, Kiev, and several Ukrainian cities near the front line and along the country’s coasts.

Instead of waking them up to the usual alarm bells, the students’ ears heard the explosions of the bombs, and before they could comprehend what was happening, they received official messages that they should join the army to defend their land, which is under Russian military aggression..

What is the impact of the war on the students of Ukraine?

To follow the impact of the new war imposed by Russia on the Ukrainian people and the whole world, we spoke in news now to me Maria Shuvalovaa university professor at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, to convey the picture from the closest possible angle, and to know the extent of the impact of the war and its consequences on students, youth and university life in the country.

To begin with, Shuvalova told us that she is interviewing news now From her hideout in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, where the Ukrainian people have to resort to shelters to escape from Russian bombing continuous.

When asked about the situation in the Ukrainian street with the successive bombing and Russian aggression, Maria replied: Now all of us in Ukraine at various educational and social levels know our responsibility and duties to defend our homeland, and we want to support Europe and the free world to stand by us in order to repel this Russian aggression.

Touching stories of Ukraine students who moved from university to the war field

Maria also shared with news now Some touching stories of students, who I made sure to say goodbye to by phone calls before joining the Ukrainian army.

Among the stories that Maria shared with us, the story of the young man Bogdan, the last student she called before the start of her interview with ., stands out news now.

And about Bogdan and his feelings before joining the army camps, Maria: I would like to tell the story of my student Bogdan.. He’s an amazing person, we got very confusing messages and scary message notifications from early in the morning.

“I will die for my country.” Ukraine students from university to war

She added: ”What impressed me was that my student’s father was also serving in the army, and we’ve been at war for a while 8 Years didn’t happen this morning. This war started before 8 For years, all the time we know who we’re dealing with, and now the world believes in us too.

Maria followed: ”My student Bogdan sent me a message that he would die for his country. He wants the United States and Europe to help Ukraine, he says he will die for his country, and it would be sad if Europe and the United States did not help him. Can you imagine?.

As for the other story, it contains in its content a strange and painful irony, as it is for a student from Belarus, who joined the university in Kiev after leaving his country..

This student had to return to Belarus in order to bring some papers required at the university, but upon his return to his country he was summoned by the Belarusian army..

Maria added that this young man will have to deal with a painful, dramatic situation, as he will have to fight against his friends at the university who joined the Ukrainian army, in the event that the Belarusian army enters the war line..

Maria said: One of my students is a refugee from Belarus, he changed the country he lives in because of Lukashenko’s political regime, he was not able to live freely in his country.

She added: ”He came to Ukraine and our university’s Mohyla Academy is supporting people from Belarus, we will be glad to continue doing this in the future.

continued: ”And he came home to take some papers that he needs, you know, different documents. Called up for military service. Now, he is dealing with the army in Belarus, he has to prove or do anything he can not to serve in the Belarusian army, because this means that this person may be forced to fight against the Ukrainians, against his colleagues, against his teacher.

“I will die for my country.” Ukraine students from university to war

I followed: ”This is shocking. I’m always in touch with him, I don’t know if I’m able to do much for him, but I definitely try to make sure he’s not alone.

Maria concluded his statements about this student by saying: I hope everything will be fine and he will return to Ukraine not as a soldier but as a student.

And about what is happening now in Ukraine and how it can be described, Maria . said: ”What is happening in Ukraine right now is a huge fight for democracy We have not seen such a fight for democracy for a long time. We are doing our best to live in a free country and to preserve democracy in Europe and the world.

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