Egypt calls on its citizens in Ukraine to stay at home

The Egyptian embassy in Ukraine called on its nationals, in a statement on its Facebook page, to keep identification documents and to follow the instructions issued by the Ukrainian authorities until the situation stabilizes.

The statement stated: “The embassy will provide the community with any additional instructions through the website.”

On the other hand, The Egyptian Minister of Immigration, Nabila Makram, is constantly following the position of the Egyptian community in Ukraine, in addition to communicating with the heads of the community and Egyptian scholars there.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Immigration; The ministry has formed an operations room dedicated to following up the position of the Egyptian community in Ukraine in light of the developments and successive changes.

The Egyptian minister stated, during the statement, that the Ministry of Immigration Center for Dialogue for young Egyptians studying abroad is also communicating with Egyptian students in Ukraine who are present in several different cities, to check on their conditions in light of the urgent changes in the situation there.

The statement indicated that “communication is being carried out with the relevant ministries about alternative solutions for the students to ensure that their lives are preserved first and that they are directed away from dangerous areas.”

Russia began a comprehensive military operation in the Ukrainian territory, Thursday morning, shortly after President Vladimir Putin announced this.

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