North Korea… gets rid of the Gregorian calendar and cancels 2022

And the North Korean News Agency appeared since the beginning of this week, with the date “Juche 111”, instead of 2022.

The word “juche” is one of Kim Il-sung’s principles, which translates to “independent attitude” and “spirit of self-reliance”.

The Juche calendar begins with the birth of North Korea’s first president, founder Il Sung, in 1912, which is the first year.

This calendar system was first introduced in 1997, three years after the death of North Korea’s founder, but until this week, the Central News Agency continued to adopt the Western Gregorian calendar, the British newspaper “Times” reported.

The newspaper attributed the reason for this change to be related to the approaching 110th anniversary of Il Sung’s birth, which falls on April 15, which witnesses huge celebrations for the occasion.

And North Korea had previously taken a similar step, as it changed its official time in 2015, announcing Pyongyang time, which is half an hour ahead of the Korean official time used in South Korea, knowing that the Korean official time represents the same time zone used in Japan, and imposed when the Korean Peninsula was under Japanese rule.

It is worth noting that Japan also has its own calendar, which is based on the beginning of the reign of the current emperor. The current year is known as “Reiwa 4”, the fourth year of Emperor Naruhito.

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