Egypt.. thwarted a major arms smuggling operation through the Suez Canal

An official statement stated that the operation came “in continuation of the armed forces’ efforts to confront smugglers and criminal elements, and to abort plans and attempts that threaten the stability of society and harm Egyptian national security.”

He added: “The inspection and detection elements intensified their efforts, which resulted in the seizure of a transport vehicle loaded with water cubes, and a number of barrels in which 19 automatic rifles, 20 automatic rifle safes, 4 FN automatic rifles, and 3 multiple machine guns were found, in addition to Two field goggles and two sniper telescopes.

It also seized “large quantities of ammunition, amounting to 15,627 types of ammunition,” according to the statement. The accused were presented to the relevant investigation authorities, and all legal measures were taken against them.

The statement concluded by saying: “This comes as a continuation of the intensive efforts of the border guards to secure Egypt’s borders on all strategic directions, with determination and determination, to prevent any attempt to smuggle and seize all criminal elements.”

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