The Egyptian judiciary punishes an artist who mocked the Prophet and Jesus

In its decision, the court said it supports the dismissal of (SAE), an artist in the Artistic House of Folk and Performing Arts of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, from service.

She added that it was proven that the artist in question mocked the Isra of the Prophet Muhammad, and despised the Islamic religion, as well as offended the Prophet’s wives in a play he wrote and offended the Prophet of God Issa and his virgin mother Maryam Bint Imran and published it on his page on the “Facebook” website.

The Egyptian Administrative Court considered that dismissal from the profession is a fair penalty, “to serve as a lesson to those who beg themselves to commit contempt for religions, regardless of their position.”

She added: “Those who scorn religion do not have the right to take refuge in freedom of belief or freedom of expression under the misleading guise of religion to incite sedition.”

In 2017, the artist Al-Ani published a play he wrote on his Facebook page, which included words and phrases that the court considered contempt for Islam, in addition to mocking Israa the Prophet and urging sectarian strife and insulting the Prophet’s wives.

For his part, the artist said in his defense that the constitution guarantees the right of expression, freedom of opinion and freedom of creativity.

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