Mohammed bin Rashid inaugurates the Museum of the Future in Dubai

According to the Dubai Government Media Office, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said that the Museum of the Future is “a tool of change… a global scientific platform… and an integrated institutional mechanism to foresee a better future for all of us.”

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid added that the Museum of the Future is “a translation of the human imagination… and an embodiment of the Emirati will that continues to outdo itself.”

The Museum of the Future in Dubai The Future is an engineering miracle on an area of ​​30,000 square meters, 77 meters high, and consists of seven floors and is characterized by the absence of columns inside, which makes its engineering design a milestone in the field of urban engineering.

The museum is also connected by two bridges, the first extending to Jumeirah Emirates Towers with a length of 69 meters, and the second linking it to the Emirates Towers metro station with a length of 212 meters.

The museum is fed with 4,000 megawatts of electricity that was produced through solar energy, through a special station connected to the museum that was built in cooperation with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, which qualified it to become the first museum in the Middle East to obtain platinum accreditation for leadership in the design of energy systems and environmental protection. LEED, the highest rating for green buildings in the world.

The garden surrounding the Museum of the Future houses 80 species and species of plants, equipped with a smart and automated irrigation system at the latest level, while the facade of the museum consists of 1024 pieces of art entirely manufactured by robots and executed in a unique way.

The facade panels were produced using automated robotic arms in a first in the region, and each panel consists of 4 layers, and there are 16 process steps in order to produce one panel. Each panel is installed and installed separately, as the installation period for the external facade lasted more than 18 months.

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