Leafy greens..washing them does more harm than good

The eatthis website, which specializes in food affairs, said that preparing any meal that contains fresh ingredients includes peeling and cutting vegetables, and most importantly rinsing it with water.

“But before you put your fresh meal ingredients into the tub of water and think about submerging them in there, you have to think twice,” he added.

The site said that experts warn that some vegetables should never be washed before eating.

We are talking about leafy vegetables that are pre-packed in small containers. They are washed three times before and do not need to be washed again before cooking.

The moral of this is that washing these leafy greens in the sink at home increases the risk of catching bacteria from the sink itself or surfaces in the kitchen.

Experts conclude that pre-washed leafy vegetables in your kitchen can potentially be contaminated as you wash them.

Although some don’t accept this idea, the experts’ view is that leafy greens inside sealed bags labeled “three washed” or “ready to eat” are actually clean.

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