Zebari: Judges should not enter Iraq into a dark tunnel

Zebari accused Iran of interfering in the political process, noting that Iranian ambassadors were participating in meetings with his opponent, which is unacceptable.

Zebari pleaded not guilty to suspicions of corruption, which was the reason for the Federal Supreme Court’s decision to exclude him from the race to run for the presidency of the Iraqi republic.

He said that he is completely innocent, and there is no judicial ruling against him of any kind, and that he submitted to the House of Representatives all papers and supporting evidence that proves his eligibility to run.

However, he added, “But some made the Supreme Court become involved in a political decision that stopped the entire political process in Iraq, since since my exclusion, there has not been a meeting of Parliament, the election of the President of the Republic, or the selection of a prime minister.”

And Zebari added: “The judges should not enter Iraq into a dark tunnel,” referring to several decisions that trigger political crises, such as the decision to return the oil revenues of the Kurdistan region of Iraq to Baghdad, which he described as an “unconstitutional decision.”

He explained that the constitution has specified exclusive tasks for the central government in Baghdad, not including receiving and redistributing oil revenues, and this has been a stable matter for the regional government since the adoption of the constitution.

He considered that the provisions related to this issue ignore the constitution and reinstate laws dating back to the era of Saddam Hussein, stressing the complete rejection of any attempt to change the constitution according to whims or to rewrite it anew.

Hoshyar Zebari expressed his fear that the matter would evolve and the election results would be canceled by court rulings and that complete chaos would prevail because of this type of decision.

He stressed that the Iraqi Kurds are trying to maintain unity after a long struggle and that they are also looking to protect their constitutional rights in case of chaos.

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