Talk about a surprise Russian attack.. “The bridge over the river” revealed the secret

None of these scenarios have occurred so far, and the dates set by Western intelligence for the invasion turned out to be pure fantasy.

Tensions rose between Russia and Ukraine in late 2021, when Moscow massed more than 100,000 troops on its western neighbor’s borders.

Ukraine says Russia wants to invade its territory, but Moscow insists that its defensive moves do not threaten anyone.

The situation has become alarming, with two separatist regions in Ukraine backed by Moscow declaring the evacuation of residents, and fighting in the region has escalated more than in the past.

The US National Interest website, concerned with military and strategic affairs, wondered whether the Russian forces present on the territory of Belarus indicate that war is inevitable.

He said that Russian forces are still stationed in Belarus, despite Moscow’s announcement of the start of withdrawing its forces there with the end of joint exercises.

He considered that Russian President Vladimir Putin is the one who will decide the course of events, through any decision he takes if he takes a decision on the war, the conflict may escalate in directions that neither Moscow nor Washington expect.

Western talk about the presence of Russian forces in Belarus, Ukraine’s western neighbor, escalated, amid hints that it would be a base for a surprise Russian attack on Ukraine.

A US news report stated that Russian forces built a secret bridge over the Pripyat River, close to the Belarus-Ukrainian border.

But Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko confirmed during a press conference he held with Putin in the Kremlin on Friday that Russian forces are present on his country’s soil for training purposes only.

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