Satellite images monitor a “dangerous development” on the Ukrainian border

The images show “multiple new field deployments of armored equipment and forces” emerging from military positions located in forests and fields about 14 to 30 kilometers from the Russian-Ukrainian border, US satellite image firm Maxar said in an email.

These new images, taken on Sunday, appear to show the path of vehicles crossing snow-covered fields surrounded by forests and roads, and several buildings can also be seen.

Analysis of Sunday’s photos and other photos taken on February 13 indicate troop and equipment movements near three locations in southwest Russia, according to the Colorado-based company.

“Today, most of the combat units and support equipment in Soloti have left, and many vehicle tracks and a number of convoys of armored equipment can be seen throughout the area,” Maksar said.

It added: “Some equipment was also deployed east of the city of Valewiki in Russia in a field about 15 km north of the Ukrainian border.”

And the American company continued: “On the other hand, a number of new deployments were seen on the ground northwest of Belgorod (about 30 km from the border with Ukraine), with a lot of equipment and forces stationed in or near forest areas,” noting that other units Spread in agricultural or industrial areas.

On Friday, a Pentagon official announced that more than 40 percent of the Russian forces massed on the borders of Ukraine had taken an offensive posture, noting that the stage of Russian-led destabilization in this country had “begin.”

The official said that since Wednesday, the United States has monitored the movement of Russian forces towards the Ukrainian border.

Washington has been warning for weeks that Russia will stage an accident on the Ukrainian border to justify an invasion of its neighbour, which Moscow denies.

On Sunday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reiterated that “everything” indicated that Russia was “close to” invading Ukraine.

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