moves "suspicious" The Russian army on the border of Ukraine

Dubai (news now) – 02/21/2022. 22:40

Russian forces in the vicinity of Ukraine are moving into an offensive position

  • Russian forces located near the border of Ukraine have moved to an offensive position
  • Combat units approached the border with Ukraine, in a sign of increased escalation
  • Russia has mobilized 110 tactical battalion groups in areas near Ukraine

Amidst fears of an invasion move by Moscow, Russian forces located close to the borders of Ukraine To an offensive situation, despite severe warnings from Washington and its allies.

And the British “Sky News” network quoted Western officials, as saying that the Russian forces moved to the offensive position, while combat units approached the border with Ukrainein a sign of increased escalation and the possibility of a “large-scale invasion”.

According to the source, the increase in Russian military action in the region during the past 72 hours included air defense systems, attack aircraft and armored vehicles.

Officials added that Russia has amassed 110 tactical battalion groups in areas near Ukraine, and some on the territory of neighboring Belarus as well.

Almost two-thirds of these units are now within a range of fifty kilometers from Ukraine, which is twice as much as it was just a few days ago.

Officials added that half of the units were moved tactically, in order to move from “staging areas” to “tactical formations.”

A Western official explained this development by saying, “I can describe this matter as a transition from a state of mobilization that prepares for military operations to a state of readiness to carry out them.”

He continued, “All the indicators that we see suggest a widespread invasion, through multiple axes and a series of goals.”

Another source, without giving his name, stated, “The general picture is very bleak,” then likened what is happening to clouds overcasting the border between Russia and Ukraine.

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