After his isolation in Angola, will the Zamalek star join the fateful match?

Safwat explained the health condition of the White Castle star, telling Sky News Arabia: “His health condition is reassuring, he does not suffer from symptoms of the virus so far. He is recovering.”

Egypt’s Zamalek drew with Angolan Sagrada without goals in the second match in the group stage, which witnessed the absence of influential elements from the White Castle, most notably Zizou.

surprising result

And the Egyptian ambassador to Angola adds to Sky News Arabia: “The distinguished player had undergone a quick analysis of the Corona virus with all members of the Zamalek club, and when the positive result appeared in an unexpected surprise due to his obtaining all the vaccinations, he went to the residence hotel to isolate him in respect of the laws of the state and the regulations of the Federation. He did not receive medicine because there was no need for this step, while he was placed under health follow-up.

Safwat continued to Sky News Arabia: “After the end of the Egyptian team’s match with Sagrada, (Zizou) did not leave Angola because the laws require that the smear turn negative first before he leaves the country. Cairo again.

Safwat added to Sky News Arabia: “We held consultations with the health authorities in Angola to develop a plan to deal with the international player’s condition, and we came to a periodic analysis after 48 hours had passed to check on his recovery from the new Corona virus so that he could leave for Egypt as soon as possible, and we offered to host him. In a special headquarters of the Egyptian embassy, ​​but he preferred to stay in the hotel.

The Egyptian ambassador to Angola told Sky News Arabia: “We communicate with (Zizou) and the rest of the Egyptians accompanying him throughout the day, as well as sending a representative of the Egyptian embassy to the hotel to ensure its safety and provide amenities and all the necessary needs, which is part of our duty. To the sports teams that represent our country in Angola.

isolation training

Safwat revealed to Sky News Arabia about the desire of the right wing of Zamalek club to catch up with the team’s next match against Moroccan club Wydad next week, confirming his regularity to go to the physical training hall inside his residence in Luanda in order to maintain his fitness and return quickly to the stadiums after recovery from Corona. .

It is assumed that Zamalek will face the Moroccan Wydad team in a fateful meeting in the third group stage matches, where Wydad occupies second place with 3 points with a win and a loss, and the Egyptian team is in third place with two points because it has not been able to win so far in the tournament, and the two teams aspire to try to improve their position from During the victory in the fiery confrontation.

Safwat continues to Sky News Arabia: “After his swab turned negative, Zizou can travel directly to Morocco to catch up with his team against Wydad in the African Champions League, because we succeeded a few days ago in preparing all the papers required for all Zamalek players in coordination with the Moroccan embassy in anticipation of their need to go home. White Castle, the choice is now in the hands of the White Castle administration.”

The Ambassador of Egypt to Angola refers to the great interest of the Angolan authorities represented by the Minister of Youth and Sports, the President of the Football Association and the medical authorities in the health condition of the Egyptian Zamalek star and to ensure that adequate care is provided to him inside his residence in isolation, stressing to Sky News Arabia to overcome various obstacles, both legal and other procedures The speed of his travel, which indicates the close relations between the two countries.

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