Will Johnson resign if he is found to have violated the lockdown law? Ambiguous response from the prime minister

London (Reuters) – 02/20/2022. 16:01

Boris Johnson violates Corona’s lockdown law and refuses to confirm his resignation

London’s Metropolitan Police has sent an inquiry list to more than 50 people, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who police said had violated lockdown laws. On the other hand, Johnson refused to disclose whether he would resign or not.

The Prime Minister had returned the interrogation form to the police who are investigating parties that were held in Downing Street, the headquarters of the Prime Minister during the period of the closure imposed to confront Corona.

In response to a question, when asked during an interview with a media outlet about whether he would resign if the police decided to take action, he said, “I can’t comment on a process that is not finished yet.”

The British Prime Minister had said, Boris JohnsonBritain wants to retain its ability to detect new mutations from the Corona virus, but it must stop spending heavily on free tests as cases and deaths decrease.

Johnson will this week outline plans to “live with Covid” amid proposals to stop free coronavirus tests and stop some health studies.

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