The Emirates Tour kicks off in its fourth edition and captures the attention of the world

WAM (newsroom) – 02/20/2022. 15:36

The Emirates Tour continues the journey of excellence in its fourth edition and captures the world’s attention

It sets off UAE 2022″ in its fourth edition amid remarkable anticipation from the world, which will take place during the period from 20-26 February, one of the most important and largest bicycle races in the world, and the only global race of its kind in the Middle East and represents the opening round of the 2022 season races, within the agenda of the International Cycling Union. .

The Tour gained its global fame and the great attention and follow-up that it enjoys, as a result of the names of the participants in its previous three editions, from the elite riders and the major international teams, who are keen to participate in this race due to its technical and organizational excellence and the diversity of its stages extending to the various emirates of the country.

The Slovenian cyclist Primoz Roglic, the world champion cyclist of the Emirates team in his first edition in 2019, and in the second edition in 2020, he won his British title Adam Yates, and in the third edition last year he won the Slovenian title Teddy Bogachar, the two-time winner of the Emirates Tour de France, cyclist.

The fourth edition of the Tour has the participation of 20 international teams, comprising a selection of the world’s most prominent teams and stars in professional cycling. In the capital, Abu Dhabi, amidst millions of cycling fans from all over the world.

The total distance of the circumnavigation is 1,058 kilometers and passes through 7 stages representing a diverse mix of different terrains available for the specializations of all riders, including 4 speed stages, two mountain stages, and an anti-clock race stage.

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