Sudan .. Fears of the collapse of the health system after the “jumping bill”

The Medical Syndicate, in a joint statement with a number of health professions organizations, warned of a health catastrophe that the country may face due to the significant increase in the prices of routine examinations, surgeries, natural and caesarean deliveries, and other treatment services. The statement demanded the immediate cancellation of these increases.

The statement pointed out that the increase in the prices of medical and health services without thinking about increasing the area of ​​health insurance and increasing its beneficiaries, coverage and support from the state will constitute great pressure on the citizen.

Sudan is facing a stifling economic crisis due to the suspension of international donors’ aid, grants and loans of more than 3 billion dollars, after the procedures of the twenty-fifth of October.

The United States, Europe and international financial institutions such as the World Bank have withheld billions of dollars in financial support, increasing pressure on the already weak economy and widening the gap in the Sudanese pound.

One dollar is currently trading at 500 pounds in the parallel market, which has recently returned to recovery, after its disappearance for more than a year.

Amina El-Sayed, a member of the Medical Syndicate and the Executive Committee of the Unified Doctors Office, said that the health situation will worsen due to the high poverty rates in Sudan, which reach more than 50 percent of the country’s population of about 40 million people.

Adiba told Sky News Arabia that the health system is already suffering from major problems due to the emigration of large numbers of doctors and the deterioration of the work environment and hospitals.

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