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Beirut (Programs) – 02/20/2022. 08:40

Birla Kawas guest of Pamela V “be strong”

Wasn’t the new episode of “be strong” Like other episodes, it was a special episode in which it was hosted Pamela Kawas Her sister, Birla Kawas, who had a horrific accident a few days ago made her panic and terrified.

Birla was in a taxi when a strange situation occurred, after the driver swerved towards a warehouse and parked his car asking Birla to get out of the car and help him bring some things.

be strong

But what if Birla can’t escape? What would you do if you were in her place? How can any girl or woman behave when faced with a similar situation?

Perla underwent an episode “be strong” She was trained by the trainer, Hassan Daqduq, who trained her in martial arts and boxing, and also taught her four different skills through which she can defend herself if the source of danger is driving the car, sitting near it or behind it, or if he attacks her car from the outside.

be strong

He also taught her how to take advantage of the car’s belt to control those who endanger her. Learning self-defense gives women self-confidence, but according to Daqduq, it is a difficult and complex issue that requires a lot of training. Are you ready to accept that challenge?

Follow us on today’s episode of “be strong” Learn how to defend yourself against anyone who tries to intimidate you.

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