Abu Jabal’s agent: There is no room to talk about offers now

After his brilliance with the Egyptian national team in the African Nations Cup, Abu Jabal drew the attention of many Arab clubs, including the Saudi victory, where the Saudi newspaper “Al-Riyadia” announced that his officials had reached an agreement with Abu Jabal to include him during the summer.

The newspaper indicated, according to its own sources, that Al-Nasr agreed to include the 33-year-old goalkeeper for an extendable season, for 7 million riyals, equivalent to 30 million Egyptian pounds.

During a session with the president of Zamalek, Mortada Mansour, with the club’s pages on social media, he commented on the victory negotiations with Abu Jabal, stressing that the latter is staying with the club.

Although “Gabasky” entered the period during which he is entitled to sign for any other club and move officially after a few months, Mansour stressed that he had contacted the goalkeeper, who revealed to him his desire to continue with Zamalek.

To clarify the truth of what was raised about the victory agreement with Abu Jabal, “Sky News Arabia” contacted Mustafa, the brother and agent of the international guard, but he only commented on the matter, saying: “There is no room to talk about offers at the moment.”

Abu Jabal had announced a few days ago in a post on his official account on the “Twitter” website, that he has no business agent in Egypt except his brother Mustafa only, indicating that he did not communicate with any other agent.

artistic advantage

On the possibility of Abu Jabal moving to a club other than Zamalek, sports critic Rami Pichai pointed out that “despite the material difference between the victory offer and its counterpart Zamalek, Abu Jabal’s stay in the White Castle will bring him the greatest technical benefit.”

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Pichai said: “Mohamed Abu Jabal is one of the best goalkeepers in Egypt and Africa, which was evident during his participation in the last African Nations Cup. Abu Jabal’s brilliance in the tournament made him the talk of the world, not only for his response to penalty kicks, but in the events of matches In general, which made big clubs like Al-Nasr Saudi start negotiations with him, especially since the goalkeeper can move freely.

He added, “During the coming period, Gbaski will study the offers presented to him to see the best ones from his point of view, but I see that staying in Zamalek is the best option for him.”

The sports critic explained: “From my point of view, Abu Jabal’s professionalism in the Saudi victory, despite it being a financially good contract, is an adventure that is not guaranteed. The chances of his participation in Zamalek are greater at the expense of Muhammad Awad, and he will also get a good contract value after his brilliance in the recent period and he will make gains. Distinguished art.

It should be noted that Abu Jabal continued his brilliance with Zamalek and contributed to his team’s goalless draw, against Angolan Sagrada at the latter’s stadium in the second round of the group stage in the African Champions League, in a match that saw him save more than one goal.

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