Tunisia’s textile sector faces bankruptcy because of Chinese goods, and the labor union promises reforms

Tunisia (news now) – February 19, 2022. 22:34

President of the Tunisian General Labor Union: The union has a national role in addition to its economic and social role

  • The Executive Office may call for a national assembly, if necessary
  • The Tunisian market was affected by goods imported from China
  • Tunisia recorded a trade deficit with China of about $322 million
  • The World Bank plans to extend a $400 million loan to Tunisia to finance reforms with a social dimension.

Noureddine Taboubi, Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union, was suspended after his re-election for a second term for a period of 5 years at the head of the labor organization within the 25th Congress of the Tunisian General Labor Union. The current period is difficult

Especially since the country is going through very difficult turns, and stressed that the spirit of responsibility is beginning to grow and it is important to find “Tunisian Tunisian” solutions first.

He stressed that the union has a national role in addition to its economic and social role, and said that “the political element is the main key to any stability and strategy to save the country.” He also stressed that the union balances the social and national dimensions, pointing to the link between the political, economic and social elements, considering that the political element is the key to any stability and any strategy that will be drawn up for Tunisia with the aim of saving it from the situation it has reached.

Al-Taboubi emphasized that the internal regulations of the conference stipulated that the conference would delegate to the executive office the possibility of calling for a national assembly if necessary, and its only main focus would be to consider the political, economic and social situation and take a position on it.

He also pointed out that “the accumulations of the past years have produced the exceptional situation,” and said that “after the conference, every recent incident

There are trends of the Tunisian General Labor Union that were discussed within the work of the conference, according to the requirements of the stage, its complexities, and its economic difficulties.

Taboubi added, “Today, there are constants and principles of the union that he does not abandon at every stage of Tunisia

After the conference, for every recent incident, we will study all the data, and Tunisia can accommodate all its sons as soon as they review and self-criticism.”

Taboubi added,There must be a climate of trust between all parties Enough of the animosity. Enough of the fake battles. Enough of all that is subjective

The state is not a game)..( The state is a responsibility and the Union will not remain idly by, after it has arranged its inner house“.

Al-Taboubi considered that the economic issue is linked to the political, and the social aspect, in turn, is linked to the economic aspect.

For her part, the First Vice-President of the 25th Congress ofTunisian General Labor Union Zubaida Al-Naqeeb, that the union is the active social partner

He will have a speech and will intervene in economic issues and the plans of the future government related to the economy, noting that all the internal and general regulations of the conference have been approved.

Tunisia recorded a trade deficit with China of about $322 million, and the Tunisian government is currently discussing with the International Monetary Fund the possibility of implementing a comprehensive economic reform program to overcome the economic crisis the country is going through.

On February 15, 2022, the Tunisian government announced that the World Bank intends to provide it with a loan of $400 million to finance reforms with a social dimension.

This came in the government’s statement after Prime Minister Najla Boden received a delegation from the World Bank headed by the Bank’s Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa, Farid Belhaj.

The statement said that Belhaj told Boden that “the World Bank will, in the first stage, inject funds of about 400 million dollars to finance reforms with a social dimension.”

The Tunisian market was affected by goods imported from China And the most cheap Chinese products that recently invaded the Tunisian market

Which caused severe damage to a number of sectors, including electronic ones, but most notably the textile sector, which led many companies to bankruptcy, which resulted in the closure of 80 thousand institutions and small and medium-sized companies that do not have the ability to compete with imported and smuggled goods and are not subject to the payment of levy

In addition to the loss of tens of thousands of jobs, it prompted many institutions to sound the alarm bell against the continued bleeding of Chinese products in the Tunisian market.

On the other hand, Ferid Belhaj, Vice President of the World Bank Group for the Middle East and North Africa, confirmed today

The Tunisian General Labor Union and the Tunisian Confederation of Handicrafts are among the pillars of Tunisia.

Belhaj stated that the coming period will be accurate on the economic and social levels.

He said that the rentier economy is one of the biggest points of concern, stressing the need to eliminate it.

And the continued closure of the port of Rades in the Tunisian state of Ben Arous, which causes a heavy economic cost to Tunisia at the level of entry and exit of goods.

The Vice President of the World Bank Group for the Middle East and North Africa, stressed the need to focus on the energy sector and several other issues directly related to the sector’s intervention in closed sectors.

On the same level, he stressed that the private sector is the solution, pointing out that the perspectives of the Al-Araf and Al-Shamleen organizations expressed their willingness to sacrifice their money.

He stressed that Tunisia is never isolated because Tunisia has its partners and supportive parties. Belhaj also acknowledged that Tunisia has been present for years among the positive concerns of the world.

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