Trending now | In the video… Elissa provokes the audience, and Myriam Fares comments

United States (now trending) – February 19, 2022. 18:40

Trending Now: The pioneers of social networking sites shared videos in which Elissa appeared during a party in the United States that she performed on board the “Stars on Board” cruise.

While she was performing her songs, she was surprised when one of the attendees came to the stage to present her with a rose, as an expression of his love for her, so she took the rose from him and expelled him from the stage, saying: “There is no one left to go to the stage, I will take it this time and salvation.”

Elissa’s reaction on stage and her behavior was criticized by many, such as this page that addressed Elissa in her tweet, saying: “Look, if it weren’t for the audience, I would have been Elissa.. Take care. / The last video, men, failed, you accept this situation!!

The singer “Akram Hajja” also expressed his opinion on the matter and said: “The young man is now on the stage. At least you imagine and respect him and then tell the guards that they do not go to the theater. And his behavior was out of eagerness and love.”

The viral video not only provoked fans and fans, but also provoked the artist Myriam Fares who commented indirectly by re-publishing a video of her and the way she dealt with fans, and said: “Man is in positions… and we, without our audience, do not want anything.”

After this tweet, the social media turned upside down between the audience of the two artists, so that the virtual world became a real battlefield. Some asked Myriam Fares not to interfere and accused her of being jealous of Elissa, like “Raed Halawa” who replied, “It’s awful, how do you always take advantage of every situation that singles out the creature and tramples on it?” It is the subject of what concerns you, whether near or far, and I am amazed at your situation.”

“Raed Halawa” is one of the people who defended “Elissa,” like “Abdullah Baalbaki,” who wrote: “Elissa did what all her colleagues do in front of and behind the cameras, intruding on the liberties and privacy of the stars, it does not allow you to evaluate their humility and narrow your judgment to fall on the behavior that he produced. Disrespecting everything I mentioned above! Elissa’s haters will catch this moment, and their bad feelings will of course make them forget about situations recorded for their stars too!

And about the clip that Myriam Fares published, “Sarah Noha” said: “Although I am not from Fans #Elissa, but I have seen for how many days sweet party clips and striking photos, and she has excellent artistic activity and an audience that attends her and Fans follows her news firsthand; I expect this is something that is not easy for female artists. Their names are not mentioned except by chance, and what is written about them is not even criticism.
Naturally, it is under fierce attack from all sides.”

Between supporters and opponents, the social media was preoccupied with the behavior of the Lebanese artist, which was repeated in her career several times.

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