The West is pursuing her to punish him.. How much is Putin’s fortune?

The European Union, along with the United States and Britain, intends to impose unprecedentedly painful sanctions on Moscow and will affect the Russian president himself.

For weeks, discussions have been taking place in Western circles, which the White House said were discussions to deter any Russian aggression and would be “serious consequences and heavy economic costs for Russia that will affect Vladimir Putin.”

But how will the sanctions be imposed on Putin without knowing the size of his wealth? Note that Washington has been searching for his property since he was accused during a US intelligence report of having allowed a pro-Donald Trump influence campaign and interference in the US elections.

Congress is looking for Putin’s fortune

Since 2019, the US Congress has been searching for Putin’s fortune, when some of his deputies introduced a bill that would instruct the Director of US Intelligence to submit a report on Putin’s property.

The bill, entitled “Transparency about the Russian President”, was introduced by Republican Representative Alice Stefanek, a member of the US House of Representatives, and Valdez Diengs, a Democrat from the Democratic Party.

According to the bill, US intelligence will work on developing a detailed report on Putin’s sources of income, property, bank accounts, and other commercial and real estate interests.

Commenting on the sanctions, Putin considered that the West will impose new sanctions on Russia in any case, as an excuse will be found for it.

“Sanctions will be imposed in any case,” Putin said, during a press conference with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, on Friday. Whether today there is some pretext related to developments in Ukraine or not, an excuse will be found, because the goal is something else. It lies in slowing down the development of Russia and Belarus,” according to Russia Today.

Commenting on the matter, Ashraf Al-Sabbagh, a specialist in Russian affairs, said that imposing sanctions on Putin would be a symbolic matter, enslaving the West to resort to this step because it may destroy US-Russian relations.

He added to “Sky News Arabia”: “It is a war of words between the two parties, and if the sanctions affect the Russian president, it will have a negative impact on the relations of the two countries, and Moscow’s response will be harsh to targeting its leader, and it is a Western pressure card on Moscow to back down from the invasion of Ukraine.”

Official numbers

In 2018, the Russian Election Commission published a financial report in which it revealed the income of participants in the then presidential elections, including current President Vladimir Putin.

The commission said that Putin’s income between 2011 and 2016 amounted to 38.5 million rubles, and he also owns 13.8 million rubles distributed among 13 bank accounts.

Putin also owns 230 shares in Saint Petersburg Bank, and his sources of income are his military pension, his current salary, and proceeds from his bank accounts.

As for real estate, I mentioned that Putin owns an apartment in Saint Petersburg with an area of ​​77 square meters, and a garage of 18 square meters, and for his personal use, he has an apartment in Moscow with an area of ​​153.7 square meters.

He also owns 3 cars, two “Gaz M21” cars of the 1960 and 1965 versions, as well as a “Niva” of the 2009 model, and a “Skif” trailer of the 1987 model.

American estimates

In May 2020, US reports estimated that Putin’s net worth amounted to $200 billion, making this figure who was famous for her complete secrecy about her wealth, the richest head of state in the world.

And the American “Fox Business” network quoted informed sources as saying that Putin’s wealth far exceeds the value of what US President Donald Trump owns, who owns about $3.1 billion.

She added that the Kremlin’s statements that Putin earns about 133,000 dollars and lives in a small apartment do not align with most accounts of Putin’s lifestyle.

According to her report, the former Russian government adviser, Stanislav Belkovsky, estimated Putin’s fortune at $70 billion.

And hedge fund manager Bill Browder, a vocal critic of Putin, says he owns more than $200 billion.

Over the years, Putin has been associated with other properties, the most controversial of which is the so-called “Secret Palace”, according to Fox Business.

It reportedly cost $1 billion to build, and contains a private theater and a landing pad for three helicopters.

The yacht “Graceville”

And last week, a yacht owned by Putin left German waters as it was undergoing repairs for fear of sanctions, according to the German newspaper “Bild”.

The giant yacht named “Grisfel” left the port of Hamburg in Germany suddenly before the repairs it was undergoing were completed.

The newspaper said that it is still not clear the reason for the move, but the yacht, worth 100 million dollars, was transferred from German waters to Russian Kaliningrad, amid fears that it would be affected by the sanctions that the West threatens Moscow.

Last year, the yacht arrived in Hamburg, Germany, to undergo repairs and modifications, including the addition of two front porches and an enlargement of the swimming platform.

According to the newspaper, the yacht is about 82 meters long and is equipped with a gym, a salon that includes a piano, a library and an indoor swimming pool.

Commenting, Russian journalist and researcher Artyom Kapchuk said in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that “Western sanctions against Moscow are useful internally, as they may push the conservative elites at home to cleanse the governance structure from the influence of the liberal elites inherited from the 1990s, and this is something that the majority of Russians aspire to.”

Regarding Putin, he adds: “Putin is not the one who decides everything, and there is no expansionist policy of Russia in the region or the ambitions of neighboring countries, and Putin’s dream of restoring the glories of the Soviet Union, just issues raised by the West.”

He asserts that “Russia is defending itself and its security under the blows of the West, which has gone crazy over Russia’s renaissance, has dropped all masks and started to stir up internal revolutions and turmoil, punishing Putin as a strange pressure card to which Moscow will not submit.”

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