The struggle intensifies within the organization.. The battle of the blocs ravages the “Brotherhood”

According to the sources who spoke to “Sky News Arabia” and preferred not to publish their names, new internal elections conducted by the Istanbul group in the latter half of last January resulted in the victory of organizational groups affiliated with Mahmoud Hussein with organizational links affiliated with the Brotherhood in Turkey; Most notably the management of the Egyptian community and the overthrow of the group affiliated to Ibrahim Mounir.

In the so-called elections for the board of directors of the Egyptian League in Turkey, which is almost completely controlled by Brotherhood leaders, Brotherhood leader Adel Rashid, who is considered to be on the front of Mahmoud Hussein and holds the position of a member of the Union of Muslim Scholars, won its presidency, in addition to choosing a number of other Brotherhood leaders for membership; Most notably, Seif Abdel-Fattah, adviser to former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, and Mohamed El-Ghazlani, one of the defendants in the Kerdasa massacre case in Egypt, who is on the US terrorism lists.

The conflict within the Brotherhood has raged over the past months between its two warring fronts, while the media exchange between them has reached its climax, in light of mutual accusations between its two sides of financial and moral corruption.

According to observers, the current conflict reinforces the paths of the end of the Brotherhood, which has reached an unprecedented state of collapse, organizational disintegration, and splits at the level of leadership and bases as well.

On the outcome of the conflict, the Egyptian researcher specializing in political Islam and terrorism, Munir Adib, believes that Mahmoud Hussein appears to have settled the conflict, but at the same time, a significant group of organizational rules and Brotherhood ties remains under Munir’s hands, especially as he succeeded in mobilizing prominent historical leaders In favor of his camp, stressing that the conflict will continue for a long time and he does not expect any party to give up its demands, especially since the historical leaders have sided with one of the two fronts, and this means that resolving the crisis has become impossible.

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Adeeb says that the state of fragmentation and organizational collapse will continue to exist and rage within the Brotherhood, in light of the continuation of the current conflict, which revealed many of the allegations that the group promoted over the past 90 years and convinced its organizational bases of their truthfulness.

And recently, the so-called internal conflict in the terrorist organization has been promoted between the fronts of Ibrahim Munir, the acting guide and residing in Britain, and Mahmoud Hussein, the leader of the organization and his group, residing in Turkey.

The media has been in a state of upheaval since the acting General Guide of the Brotherhood, Ibrahim Mounir, officially announced the decision to dissolve the Administrative Office for Organization Affairs in Turkey, as well as the Shura Council of Qatar, last June, and to postpone the internal elections that were expected to take place within weeks to choose the members of the General Shura Council. for 6 months.

During the past few days, the Brotherhood witnessed a new wave of defections within its ranks over the past week; Following the continuation of the raging internal conflict crisis and mutual accusations between its two parties.

In the text of the resignations, which were largely circulated internally, it was stated that the bases, all of whom were from the Egyptian Brotherhood, had completely lost their confidence in the central leadership, and the image of the second had become greatly distorted after mutual accusations by both parties. The recent controversies revealed the falsehood of the group’s slogans, according to what “Sky News” published in a previous report.

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