The Saudi Federation adopts the new Super Cup system

The competition, in its new form, will be the champion and runner-up of the league and the champion and runner-up of the cup competition, similar to the formula adopted in the Spanish Super Cup since the 2019-2020 season when it was held in Saudi Arabia in particular, as was the case for the current season version that was held in Riyadh between January 12 and 16 and crowned its title Real Madrid on Athletic Bilbao Account.

In the event that one of the four teams is repeated as a result of the same team winning the league and cup title or winning a competition and runner-up in the other, the league clubs’ arrangement will be resorted to to choose the alternative.

The competition will be held in 3 matches, with a semi-final and a final.

The decision of the Saudi Federation came based on what was submitted by the Competitions Committee and the Commercial Committee, with the aim of raising the level of competition by expanding the base of participation in the competition.

The Saudi Federation will set the date of the competition, in coordination with the relevant authorities and sponsoring companies, according to the calendar of the next sports season.

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