Soldier killed in the east "separatist" with Ukraine

Kiev (AFP) – February 19, 2022. 12:18

Ukraine crisis: accusations of violating the ceasefire

  • Concerns about the invasion of Ukraine
  • The armed forces in Kiev announced 66 exchanges of fire
  • Announcing a general mobilization against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis
  • Rebels in Donetsk, a separatist stronghold, described the situation as dangerous

exchanged Ukrainian forces And Moscow-backed separatists on Saturday were accused of violating the ceasefire, fueling fears of an invasion Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army announced the killing of a soldier in the “separatist” east

The armed forces in Kiev reported 66 exchanges of fire by 07:00 am (0400 GMT), while the rebels in the separatist stronghold Donetsk described the situation as “dangerous”.

Donetsk region leader announces “general mobilization” against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis

For his part, the leader of the separatist “Republic” of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine announced Saturday “general mobilization” as fears of a Russian invasion reached their peak.

Denis Pushilin said in a video statement, after observers warned of a “significant escalation” between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists on the front line.

Citizens in the reserve forces to come to the military recruitment offices. Today I signed the general mobilization decree.”

The announcement comes after observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe confirmed on Saturday that there has been a “significant increase” in violations of the ceasefire between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces that have been fighting them since 2014 in eastern Ukraine, in a conflict that has so far claimed more than 14,000 lives. .
Western leaders accuse Russia, which has deployed troops on the Ukrainian border, of preparing an attack, while US President Joe Biden declared that he was “convinced” that Vladimir Putin had decided to invade Ukraine.
Pushilin confirmed that the forces of his region thwarted attacks launched by Kiev, he said, accusing the Ukrainian soldiers of continuing their attacks on the region.
“Together we will achieve the desired and necessary victory. We will protect Donbass and all the Russian people,” he added.
Kiev has denied its desire to regain control by force of separatist regions, including Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014.

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