Schulz: The moment of truth has come for Iranian officials in the nuclear talks

Munich (AFP) – February 19, 2022. 17:40

Schulz: Chances of reviving the Iran nuclear deal are dwindling

  • Schulz: We now have an opportunity to reach an agreement that will allow sanctions to be lifted
  • Reducing Iran’s nuclear activities and ensuring the peacefulness of its program

German Chancellor Olaf said Schultz Saturday The chances of revival Iran nuclear deal It is dwindling and the “moment of truth” has come for Iranian officials.
“We now have a chance to reach an agreement that allows sanctions to be lifted. But if we don’t succeed very quickly, the negotiations may fail. Iranian officials have a choice. Now is the moment of truth,” Schulz said at the Munich Security Conference.
The 2015 agreement allowed for the lifting of sanctions imposed on Tehran, in exchange for limiting its nuclear activities and ensuring the peacefulness of its programme.
However, its effects have become null and void since former US President Donald Trump decided to unilaterally withdraw his country from it in 2018, re-imposing severe sanctions on Tehran. The latter responded by beginning to gradually withdraw from many of its commitments under the agreement.
A few months ago, talks began between Iran And the powers that are still in the agreement (France, Britain, Russia, China and Germany), to revive the agreement from which the United States unilaterally withdrew in 2018.
The talks, in which Washington indirectly participates, aims to return the Americans to the agreement, especially by lifting the sanctions that they re-imposed on Tehran after their withdrawal, in return for the latter’s return to fully respecting its obligations under the 2015 agreement, many of which it retracted in the wake of the American withdrawal.

If Iran is serious, we can and must reach an understanding on a mutual return to full implementation of the JCPOA within days

Spokesperson for the US State Department

A US State Department spokesman told AFP on Thursday that “remarkable progress has been made last week.” ) within days.
And he added, “Anything much more than that would seriously jeopardize the possibility of returning to the agreement.”
Experts believe that Iran is a few weeks away from having enough fissile material to make a nuclear weapon, even if it takes additional, more complex steps to make an actual bomb.
While US President Joe Biden has expressed his determination to return his country to the agreement in exchange for Iran’s return to respect its commitments, Tehran fears that a future US administration, especially if it is from the Republican Party to which Trump belongs, will again withdraw from the agreement.
The Iranian Foreign Minister is scheduled to address the Munich Security Conference later Saturday.

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