London: Russia "involved" In cyber attacks targeting Ukraine

London (AFP) – February 19, 2022. 06:53

London accuses Moscow of being behind the cyber attacks on Ukraine

  • Britain: Russian military intelligence involved in the attacks on Ukraine
  • London: This disruptive behavior is unacceptable

On Friday, the British government accused Russian intelligence of being behind the cyber attacks that targeted the sector this week Ukrainian financial Which Moscow has nothing to do with.

The British Foreign Office said in a statement that “the British government considers the Russian military intelligence to be involved in the” cyber attacks “this week” targeting the financial sector in Ukraine.

Britain: Russia must stop these activities and respect Ukraine’s sovereignty

The statement added, “This disruptive behavior is unacceptable Russia To cease these activities and respect Ukraine’s sovereignty.”

The British statement came shortly after the United States directed the same accusation against Russia. While London only blamed Moscow for the attacks on the Ukrainian financial sector, the United States expanded its accusation, blaming Russia for cyber attacks that targeted Ukrainian government websites this week.

The British statement stressed that London’s decision to “publicly hold Moscow responsible” for these attacks “confirms the fact that the United Kingdom and its allies will not tolerate any malicious cyber activity.”

According to the statement, the British National Cyber ​​Security Center believes that the Russian military intelligence is “almost certainly” behind the cyber attack that targeted Ukraine on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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