Hitting the lover is like eating raisins

The young media, Yasmine Ezz, presenter of the “Kalam Al-Nas” program broadcast on the “MBC Egypt” channel, was severely attacked by the pioneers of social networking sites after she defended the Ismaili groom who assaulted his wife in the street after she left on their wedding day.

The public opens fire on Yasmine Ezz after her defense of "Ismailia groom"Hitting a lover is like eating raisins

The hashtag #Stop_Yasmine_Ezz topped the trend list on the Twitter site, calling for an investigation with the young female journalist and her suspension from work for inciting violence against women.

Yasmine had commented on the incident of hitting the “Ismailia bride”, saying: “The man is by nature a protector and a lover, and the woman must contain her man, and the bride is a girl of people and authentic and blamed her world, and turned around her candle and contained the situation. You know the details.

She added: “I am always against domestic violence and against beating women, but I am talking about this particular incident. We do not slander the world and tell the bride to work and do it, and hitting the beloved is like eating raisins.”

In the past few hours, pioneers of social networking sites shared a video of a groom beating his bride in the middle of their families on the street, and the bride appeared in a state similar to fainting.

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