Egypt.. Arrest of the “curcumin doctor”

A security source told “Sky News Arabia” that the security services received many reports accusing pharmacist Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr of promoting, through television advertisements, materials, herbs and medicinal recipes, under the pretext of curcumin treatment without obtaining the necessary licenses, which endangers people’s lives in the event of responding to his prescriptions.

The source clarified that the Investigations of Works collected the necessary investigations about the accused and inquired from the competent authorities in the Ministry of Health, and it was found that he did not obtain a license to announce the therapeutic prescriptions that he is promoting, contrary to what he claims.

He pointed out that the aforementioned pharmacist was targeted by a security mission at his residence in Sheikh Zayed City in Giza and arrested, as the security men seized a group of unlicensed medicines and herbal prescriptions in his possession, and they were seized and the case was referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation.

Tweeters on social networking sites in Egypt expressed their happiness with the news of the arrest of the curcumin doctor due to his dense advertisements for unknown therapeutic prescriptions.

And some of the tweeters said, “Finally we’re done… and we’ll watch TV without curcumin ads every two minutes.”

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