Details of the night of the arrest of Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr, the curcumin doctor. Spyware was seized at his home and 3 unlicensed centers owned by him were raided

The Detectives of Works arrested the well-known pharmacist “Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr”, famous for the curcumin doctor, a few hours ago, because he was accused of trafficking in herbs and medicines of unknown origin in the Sheikh Zayed area. He was immediately referred to the competent investigation authorities to follow up the investigations.

Urgent: Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr was arrested and charged with trafficking and promoting unauthorized medicines

He was arrested after information was received by the Publications Investigation, which states that there are 3 unlicensed centers he owns, and spyware programs were found in his house, as well as his possession of medicines and herbs of unknown source and not approved by the competent authorities, as well as trafficking in and advertising them through many satellite channels with the aim of Achieving monetary profits.

After taking all the necessary legal measures, he was arrested and the medicines and herbs in his possession were seized, and the necessary report was issued on the incident, and the Public Prosecution was notified to conduct investigations.

Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr

For his part, the captain of the Pharmacists’ Syndicate, Dr. “Ahmed Obaid” confirmed that the disqualification will be the fate of “Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr” immediately after his conviction, and he clarified that Ahmed is still in the custody of the Pharmacists Syndicate and applies to him so far the rules and conditions for the protection of all pharmacists, but in the event that any of the charges against him is proven. For him, he will be expelled by the Pharmacists Guild.

In exclusive statements to Al-Watan newspaper, the Pharmacists Syndicate said that the Syndicate is awaiting the completion of the Public Prosecution’s investigations with him, and in the event that his accusation is proven, the Syndicate will form a committee to investigate him, due to his non-compliance with the honor code of the profession of pharmacist, as well as his failure to abide by the law and the promotion of unauthorized drugs from by the Ministry of Health.

Ahmed Obaid explained that Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr, through many channels, promoted herbs, medicines and prescriptions that are not registered by the Ministry of Health, which contradicts the work charter, which warns against advertising drugs on the media, and that the only place for circulation is Medicines is the only pharmacy.

Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr

The Syndicate of Pharmacists has warned all citizens of the danger of circulating any unauthorized medicines, herbs or prescriptions through the media, and the medicines are dispensed through the prescription of the specialist doctor.

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