Canadian Ottawa police arrest 47 people during truck drivers’ sit-in dispersal

Ottawa AB F – 02/20/2022. 00:34

Ottawa police .. 47 arrested during the truck drivers sit-in dispersal

Ottawa police announced that, on Saturday, 47 people were arrested and about thirty vehicles were withdrawn as part of an operation it carried out to reopen roads and end weeks of demonstrations organized by truck drivers against the measures to combat Covid-19.

The authorities warned Canada On Twitter, “anyone who is in an area” in the center of the Canadian capital, which has been paralyzed by protests for three weeks, “will be arrested.”

The police had announced that they had used a “chemical irritant” to disperse hundreds of “aggressive” truck drivers who refused to comply with her orders to clear the roads.

“The demonstrators continue their aggressive behavior and targeting the police,” the authorities tweeted.

She added that the demonstrators “refuse to comply with orders to leave,” noting that she had used a “chemical irritant” against them.

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